Friday, August 27, 2010

Upgrades on the Honda CBR 600rr

Today is our 16th Anniversary!!! woo hoo :) Love you Hon!!! 16 GREAT YEARS
Scott took the day off work and we went to Columbus to Iron Pony and got somemore bike accessories, then we went to Zanesville for a nice lunch at Tumbleweed and to Petsmart for more Koi fish for our pond.

Sideview of bike now

side view before with new helmets with the attachable mohawk hair. lol
before factory fender and turnsignals
new fender - license eliminator, turnsignals and my new gel seat also
before factory front turnsignals and clear windscreen
new windscreen and flush mount turnsignals.... we also took off the reflectors

closeup of flush mount front turnsignals....looks like lil eyes
close up of the swingarm sliders.... incase it would ever fall over or god forbid we'd ever wreck....they would slide on them instead of the frame. We also have handle bar and frame sliders. Still need to put the frame ones on though. The frame has to be cut out where they go.

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