Sunday, November 27, 2011

Boys and puppies by tree

Our rotten kids by the Christmas Tree. Tanner holding Daisy and Drew holding Suzie.


Sissy after Tanner and I gave her a flea bath. She did good for first time getting a bath! She just kept trying to get out and meowing. She never tried to scratch us. Thank god she's not declawed. Saw few fleas on her ... must got from dogs.
So all got baths and flea stuff on backs.

Christmas decorating

Me myself and I did all the decorations yesterday. Scott was in Columbus allday and the boys are lazy and all the want to do is play on computer and xbox. Aaaahhh!!

My Christmas tree thru porch door, Santa and tree on front porch.

My candycanes on each side steps.

wreath and snowman on mailbox

colorful lights around door

My tree... Sissy cat underneath.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

My Mom had to get 2 stints .

My mom had a heart catherization done Wednesday. She ended up having to get to stints and have her artery repaired. She had 90% blockage! That makes her 3 stints now.
She goes back the 28th to the artery doctor to see about getting her neck artery surgery done. Thats what started all this. Failed stress test, so had to have catherization done.

I took her up some cookies tonight and she is mega black and blue where they went in her groin area. ouchy

Friday, November 11, 2011

My 3 Girls

I layed down with Daisy, a few minutes after making the bed, when Suzie and Sissy jumped up too. lol
Tired girls

Daisy posing on chair

Chewing on my lil pumpkin mans arm.
both investigating

girls outside

Saturday, November 5, 2011

My 5 Kids

My 5 kids! Drew holding Sissy, Suzie and Tanner holding Daisy.

kids with frames I added
Daisy thinks Suzie is her mommy. lol always laying on her.

tug a war
Drew and Daisy