Sunday, February 28, 2010

Checkout....My Frosting, Backgrounds, Flower Clips N Tu Tu's

A friend of mine - Christy Baylor, made a new website for free backgrounds and you can also buy flower hair clips on here too.

Checkout her site.....

This is a picture of her daughter Lucy wearing one of the hair clips. So Cute!
This is her other daughter Ella wearing a Tu Tu, that Christy also is making now.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Creative Snow from Tribune.Com

These were all in the photo gallery of the Coshocton Tribune. Very Creative huh?

Snow Turtle
Snow Snake

wow this snake would take a long time to make n color

This is my favorite....Snow Lion

Snow Angel is brillant also.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Heavy Snow Damage

Scott got out on the porch roofs and cleaned the snow off this morning. It was so heavy and we were worried it would crash our porches.

Back porch roof
front was real bad and thick
almost done with front
Our neighbor Darla's carport crashed from the snow weight lastnight.

Darla's carport

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Snow n Icycles

No more snow!!!! We still have tons of snow and icycles everywhere!

I got this pic of deer, emailed from a friend....too funny, but true. The snow is like 18 inches deep or more in yards.
This is another email....only in North Dakota, icycle of buffalo peeing. lmao

Check this huge icycle out in the back of Deans Jewelry. He is worried its going to tear his canopy down.

Our house and two neighbors icycles.... I keep knocking them down with a broom, atleast the ones i can reach. lol They are bad everywhere!!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

More Freaking Snow! aaahhh

Started snowing again around 10:30 this morning.aaaahhhh Im ready for spring!!!

Scott taking pics of icycles and Walnut St around 3:30
icycles on neighbors house

white-out around 4:00, this is actually Walmart from back road.
Walnut at 6:00

up Walnut 6:00.... tunnel path between houses and still snow flurries

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sled Riding

We went sled riding at Sacred Heart this afternoon. We had a blast!
Drew and Tanner went down together on tube and plowed me over, I was trying to stop them from going onto the road. Poor Drew went to the road and flipped over scraping his knee. It was hilarious! Wish we would have videod it. Could have sent into AMV and won some money!!! lmao

Tanner face-bombed... lol
Scott watching Tanner ramp
Drew, Scott getting ready to ramp and Tanner taking tube back to top.
Scott dredging the hill again
Scott on tube...
This is a picture of the Georgia snow. Shawn ( Scott's brother) got 3 inches and they were shutting down everything.
Tanner sleding down our driveway.

Twister Fun

Tanner wanted to buy Twister today from Walmart. Gosh I remember playing this when I was even younger than him.
Still a fun game to play too!!

Scott said the boys are going to bed early tonight and we are playing naked Twister. lmao :)
that could be interesting though. heee heee

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snow Snow & More Snow!

The snow started Friday around 1:00, and went alnight long. we got atleast 10-12 inches.

back porch rail Saturday morning.
front sidewalk .....boy that was a heavy wet snow. I did front steps and some sidewalk, while Scott went to work and did their lot. He spent about 6 hr between Friday and Saturday plowing their lot off with riding tractor.
My back is killing me today too! :(

Scott shoveling driveway
van half cleared off
Tanner starting his snowman
Suzie clothes-lined Tanner. She loves the snow and it makes her hyper! lol
Scott covering Suzie, boy she got wound up then. :)
Scott and Tanner packing more snow
Tanner got branches for arms
Tanner with finished Mr. Coshocton Snowy