Friday, August 27, 2010

Upgrades on the Honda CBR 600rr

Today is our 16th Anniversary!!! woo hoo :) Love you Hon!!! 16 GREAT YEARS
Scott took the day off work and we went to Columbus to Iron Pony and got somemore bike accessories, then we went to Zanesville for a nice lunch at Tumbleweed and to Petsmart for more Koi fish for our pond.

Sideview of bike now

side view before with new helmets with the attachable mohawk hair. lol
before factory fender and turnsignals
new fender - license eliminator, turnsignals and my new gel seat also
before factory front turnsignals and clear windscreen
new windscreen and flush mount turnsignals.... we also took off the reflectors

closeup of flush mount front turnsignals....looks like lil eyes
close up of the swingarm sliders.... incase it would ever fall over or god forbid we'd ever wreck....they would slide on them instead of the frame. We also have handle bar and frame sliders. Still need to put the frame ones on though. The frame has to be cut out where they go.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cat Hat and Football Wounds

Tanner said look mom.....I have a Cat Hat!!! lol too funny. Poor Kitty

Chin and upper armpit area bruising from tackle football practice
Drew's Chin bruising from chin strap....ouchy like big sucker bites!

Chin and Elbow

Friday, August 20, 2010

Our Girls Princess & Suzie

My girls......
Isnt this a cute pic?? aww
She is very active.... just loves these hide-n-plays.
Suzie and Princess in my bed together. Suzie didnt like this too much.
Tanner and the girls.... :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Take Me Out To The Game - Clippers

We went to our first Columbus Clipppers game lastnight. They had about 1 1/2 rain delay.
They ended up winning 1-0. We had a good time after the rain stopped!! :)

Scoreboard was straight across from our seats
Scott and boys found our seats and grass covered for rain
Field Crew covering field for rain delay
Drew and I under umbrella while Scott & Tanner went to restroom and get raincoats.
My 3 guys sitting in our seats
Boys by glove, ball and bat statue.
Snoopy throwing 1st pitch
Clippers Seal and Parrot
Snoopy walking off #1

Parrot getting the crowd to yell
me and my boys...
view of field behind home plate
Beautiful skyline after the rain....was even a rainbow, but pic wasnt very bright.
during singing of Nation Anthem
Clippers 3rd baseman and parrot
wrestlers between innings....they were too funny
Hotdog race.....ketchup won, then mustard and onion lastly. :)

Tanner and I as
As you can see .... I liked the Mascots and inbetween innings happenings more than actual batting and game. But it was kinda boring winning 1-0.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

New "PRINCESS" Addition

This is Princess, our new family addition! She is so sweet laying in her pink princess bed.
Tanner loving on her.
She has the prettiest green eyes
Drew holding her in her pink princess bed. Taken on cell can't really tell its pink but it is.
Lol.....she keeps getting inside the back of the couch. I think to get away from the boys. They wont leave her alone.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Baylor Beach Vacation

We spent the weekend at Baylor Beach. Brian, Angie and Alyssa went too.

Me, Tanner and Scott on paddle boat
Brian and Angie going into the tunnel of love.... as Brian said. lol

Drew and Alyssa on aqua bike

Brian and Angie at camp
Boys and Scott laughing at Brian
Boys laughing
Tanner burnt his hand roasting marshmellows. he fell forward and caught himself on fire ring. ouchy! thanks god i had a first aide kit, with burn creme.
Scott, Alyssa, Drew and Brian at putt putt
Tanner, Drew, Alyssa, Brian and Scott golfing
We all played kick ball....
Scott kicking
Angie pitched
Brian kicking
Me throwing ball to Tanner so he can pitch
Tanner and I after game
Alyssa, Brian and Angie by Brian's truck