Monday, August 9, 2010

Hershey, PA

We spent a full day at Hershey...It was Awesome!!!

Line of hershey kiss street lights. They were really neat! chocolate ones and the silver ones had hershey tag also.
Close-up of silver kiss
Boys and Sister-in-law Macy by Hershey Company. We couldnt go in there, they moved tours to Chocolate Company instead.

This is a pic of Hershey Park from road. We didnt go here either. Too Expensive and Scott doesnt do rollercoasters either. lol
Hershey Park Sporting Complex where they have concerts and sports.
The Hershey Story Museum...
Boys standing inside door of museum.... they had a big 3d wall.
Archway at beginning of Hershey Museum
Old Hershey Signs
Scott and boys listening to a story, to get answers for a scavenger game. Scott got the boys the game at the beginning of the museum.
I love ET! This was my fav movie as a child and first one I remember going to movies to see Boys on their apprentice papers...

Family at Chocolate World
Boys and I
Scott and Boys at entrance
They had an really neat 3d movie. We all loved it!
Drew, Tanner and Macy with their 3d glasses on
This was on a ride that took us through the making of chocolate.
choc blocks going into machine
Hershey kiss dispenser
Conveyer of packaged goods
Two pics of the huge gift shop at end of ride.
They had 1lb candy bars.

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