Friday, July 29, 2011

Lazy Dog.....New Bed

We also got Suzie a bed - a therapeutic one, it has egg foam inside it. Hopefully she'll start sleeping on it instead of in our bed. Lil bed hog!! lol

She won't sleep on floor or carpet... has to be on blanket or couch.

Tanner Got Contacts Today!

This is the boys Monday at Steak n Shake. We went and did alittle school shopping and out for lunch...just the 3 of us.
Tanner with his contacts in, on way back from Eye Dr. He got his first contact in after 3rd try. lol
 He looks totally different.
Mr. Cool even got a new pair sunglasses too! :P

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Co-ed Champ Shirts

This is the shirt, we designed, from the $150 gift certificate, we got from winning the Ryan Carnes Co-ed Memorial Tournament.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Brillhart's Coed Team won 1st place in Ryan Carns Memorial!

Our 1st place trophy plaque

Team Pic with trophy
Top row - DJ Bradford, Tony Griffith, Dave Hittle, Ryan Hains, Shane Rich, Scott Patterson & Jeff Dovenbarger.

Bottow row - Julie Johnston, Macy Patterson, Stephanie Fry, Sally Sharier, Tammie Patterson & Katie McVay.

kids Lance Bradford & Chase Griffith

Steph, Scott and I getting trophy for 1st place
$150. gift certificate for Carroll's for 15 shirts with logos and #'s on back if want.