Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Day...

Boys with their new text cellphones, they got for Christmas. Tanner's new case is coming, just didn't make it before Christmas like Drew's did.
Family at my mom's house....Drew was laughing so much his eyes are almost shut, Dalton was making them laugh.
Scott and the boys....I LOVE THIS PIC!!! :) Soooo Good
The boys and I.... LOVE IT TOO!
Scott and I ... Drew took our pic. :)
My brother Kevin with his Granddaughter Jayleighn
Three rotten boys Nephew Dalton, Tanner and Drew at moms.
Luke and Jaybug ......She's such a cutie!
Nephew Luke and Great Neice Jayleighn playing on the floor.

Christmas Morning

Santa found us!!! and Scott coming down the steps.....the boys were up before 7:00.
checking out the stockings
Woooow we got the best Chaotic
Board games ... they love playing games
Mario Kart for Wii with wheel.
Tanner with webkinz fish
Drew with webkinz penguin
Drew's ps2 Harry Pottery Collection - 3 game set
Tanner's we played a joke on him and put his ds game in a bigger box with this brick! priceless look on his face.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Reindeer Suzie and Boys

My lil reindeer Suzie.......awwwww I tucked the antlers down in her collar and she just walked around the house with them on. too funny!
How cute! Tanner holding Suzie....she is a big baby!
My three kids.....
such a sweet pic...... love it!!
Scott and Suzie reindeer glow eyes!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Weekend Snow and Fun

Lastnight we went to a friends house for supper and to help them set up their Ebay account.
The boys had a blast playing and dancing under the bubble machine in Leslie's DJ equipment.

Snow covered trees were so pretty on the way to Newark today... there were 3 wrecks on way home too. 1 in Newark, 1 on 83 and 1 on 16 because of ice on bridges. Our first big snow of the year!
Drew took this pic...

Newarks Courtsquare all decorated up...
I like the big blue snowflakes...
cute lil train
Top courthouse

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Drew the Chef....

Drew and Scott made breakfast this morning. Drew was in training to be a chef! lol
He always wants to help cook. Maybe he'll be a chef and game creator both when he's older.

Cracking egg for french-toast
Beating eggs, milk and vanilla
Dipping bread in batter
Putting french-toast on griddle
Putting bacon on griddle
All smiles for the :)
The final meal done.......bacon, taters with gravy, and french-toast. It was yummo too! You Go Drewbug!!

Elf Family Singing

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Elf Yourself Family Hip Hop

I just love making these videos.......they are so cute and hilarious!

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Beautiful Rainbow Over Our House

This morning there was a complete very brightly colored rainbow over the city of Coshocton. I have never seen a complete one with so much color before either. IT WAS AWESOME!!

Over our house....Drew looking at it on porch.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Boys By Christmas Tree

Last Sunday we put up the outside decorations....

View from sidewalk
this is my manger setting in the middle of red rope lights
Entry way of porch with santa, tree, snowman, flag, bows and multi rope lights on poles.
I put up the tree this morning and waited til the boys got home to help decorate it.
They are getting so tall...... :(