Monday, August 9, 2010

Baylor Beach Vacation

We spent the weekend at Baylor Beach. Brian, Angie and Alyssa went too.

Me, Tanner and Scott on paddle boat
Brian and Angie going into the tunnel of love.... as Brian said. lol

Drew and Alyssa on aqua bike

Brian and Angie at camp
Boys and Scott laughing at Brian
Boys laughing
Tanner burnt his hand roasting marshmellows. he fell forward and caught himself on fire ring. ouchy! thanks god i had a first aide kit, with burn creme.
Scott, Alyssa, Drew and Brian at putt putt
Tanner, Drew, Alyssa, Brian and Scott golfing
We all played kick ball....
Scott kicking
Angie pitched
Brian kicking
Me throwing ball to Tanner so he can pitch
Tanner and I after game
Alyssa, Brian and Angie by Brian's truck

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