Sunday, August 15, 2010

Take Me Out To The Game - Clippers

We went to our first Columbus Clipppers game lastnight. They had about 1 1/2 rain delay.
They ended up winning 1-0. We had a good time after the rain stopped!! :)

Scoreboard was straight across from our seats
Scott and boys found our seats and grass covered for rain
Field Crew covering field for rain delay
Drew and I under umbrella while Scott & Tanner went to restroom and get raincoats.
My 3 guys sitting in our seats
Boys by glove, ball and bat statue.
Snoopy throwing 1st pitch
Clippers Seal and Parrot
Snoopy walking off #1

Parrot getting the crowd to yell
me and my boys...
view of field behind home plate
Beautiful skyline after the rain....was even a rainbow, but pic wasnt very bright.
during singing of Nation Anthem
Clippers 3rd baseman and parrot
wrestlers between innings....they were too funny
Hotdog race.....ketchup won, then mustard and onion lastly. :)

Tanner and I as
As you can see .... I liked the Mascots and inbetween innings happenings more than actual batting and game. But it was kinda boring winning 1-0.

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