Monday, February 28, 2011

New App

Some new frames I got off an app on my cell.

I could spend hours on here!! so neat!! lol

Monday, February 21, 2011

Suzie is Sick?? and Taxes!

Suzie started a real deep choking cough lastnight about 8:00 and it last around 2 hours straight, then a few times during the night. poor girl!
I called the vet this morning and couldnt get her in til 4:30 tonight.
They tested her blood for heart worms and it came back negative. I still got her 6 monthes supply of preventative pills.
Dr Reddick thinks she irratated her trachea somehow. She put her on 3 pills. 1 for antibiotic, 1 cough and 1 inflammation.
She didn't start coughing til after she was outside barking at an amish buggy with horse at Given Dawson lastnight. So maybe she stripped her vocal passage then?? Dang... $132 and a hour later, we were heading home.

I think we ought to be able to claim atleast 1 pet as a dependant on our taxes!!!! They are loved and treated just like a kid and cost more at doctor too!

What do you all think????

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Snoozing Suzie

Suzie stuck her nose inside Drew's Snuggie hole. She was even snoring and didn't budge when I took these pics the other night. She must of really been zonked!
How cute is this?? awwww

Wizzard 101 on new laptop

We bought the boys a new laptop. they were always on mine playing this game!! :(

Playing Wizzard 101....they both got accounts and have bought wizzard cards to upgrade their characters and be able to communicate with other players.
This is the home screen of Wizzard 101. I think its another phase, kinda like Webkinz, they are going through.
Tanner doing battle and talking to Brandon.
Tanner's wizzard "Chris Soulsword" - You customize his name, costume, hair, eyes everything. You make friends, battle, cast spells, garden and can buy pets.
Guess kinda like a kids facebook?? IDK ... i just know they spend alot of hours on there. lol

More Frogs!

Check em out! I found these 2 frogs on sale 50% got two for price of one!

I'll be putting them outside as soon as the weather breaks for good. Boy have the past few days been pretty nice. I got the yard and van cleaned up finally too!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sock n Underwear Snatcher!

Sissy will take all your socks and underwear out of your drawer if you forget to close it all the way! lol
I noticed a few weeks ago a few pair of Scotts socks were on the floor....wondered how they got there?? Then I saw her pawing in it again the other morning.
Now I know!!

This is how I found Tanner's this morning. See his top drawer is open.

Every single pair of his socks and boxers were on the floor! :( one pair was almost out in the hallway.
Here I asked her if she did this and she meowed " It wasn't me"!! lmao :P

Monday, February 7, 2011

Blogging from droid

I just added the Droid 2 application for blogspot. This is cool!
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