Sunday, August 8, 2010

Gettysburg,PA Vacation Pics

We had a great vacation week! Nice to get out of Coshocton for few days especially!!
We spent 3 days in Pennsylvania. 2 days in Gettysburg and 1 in Hershey.

We rode this tour bus over Gettysburg battle fields. 2hrs long.
Doesnt Tanner look so cute in this hat?
Macy, Drew Tanner and Scott by cannon

Macy and Tanner being goofy! lol
Our family by statue
family by cannon
look from top of the tower in next pic
Tower Macy, Tanner and I walked up
Boys and I at Little Round Top
Boys at Little Round Top

Museum of presidents

Wax Obama
several more presidents ....they had all 14
Abe Lincoln
Boyd Bear Country....Longaberger has shop on 3rd floor of this 4 floor building.Boyd Bears everywhere...
Side of building
Noahs Ark Boyds Room
More Boyd Bears!!
Cow outside with bears on it

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