Saturday, May 30, 2009

Fishing at Lake Park

Scott and Drew went fishing this morning. Tanner had spent the night with a friend and I went to a couple garage sales. Then, we all went back over tonight, along with Terry and Samie Huffman.

Drew's fish this morning, while fishing with dad. They caught about 15 fish altogether.

My Drew's hat! :)
Drew leaning on no swimming sign....such a cute picture huh? My lil man! Terry unhooking a small fish Samie caught.
Samie caught the biggest fish
Couple of ducks kept diving under water for corn we fed them

Grandma Update.....

Scott's Grandma Betty (who come to find out is 86 not 84) is back in CCU, was put on kidney dialysis today and already on b-pap machine, to help force oxygen into her lungs when she breathes. She is breathing on her own, but not getting enough oxygen! She is a do not resuscitate, so she will never be on life support - ventilator.

Please continue to keep her and the family in your prayers!!! Thanks Alot :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More Georgia Pics...

We had a short stay 3 days, for traveling 11 hours one way. Left 11:30 Wednesday night and getting there at 10:30 Thurs morning. Then left Sunday morning at 4:30 getting home at 3:30. uugh getting old I guess! lol the trip seems longer every year!!

Tanner's Flippen Road sign......Every year we have to go by here. lol he thinks its just too funny! Saying hit "The Flippen Road Dad"

My 3 kids on way home.....awww
Scott and Suzie in Grandma's sun room
Cool looking peach ontop the AirTran sign in downtown Atlanta.
Suzie resting ontop a pillow on my lap. My lil girl, she did wonderful traveling!
Grandma Betty sleeping @ hospital.....Friday she had to lay flat because her back hurt so bad! ( we think from laying in bed for 3 wks and had a UTI also) She was feeling alot better Saturday, was sitting up feeding herself and not in any pain.
Scott and Tanner at The Mellow Mushroom....real good pizza place

Drew and I at The Mellow Mushroom.... we all got drenched running in, it was raining so hard. :( Two rotten looking boys eh?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

We made it to Georgia!

We made a last minute decision to come to Georgia to see Scott's Grandma Betty ( shes 84) . She was in ICU not doing very well, so with the long weekend we took the boys out of school Thursday and Friday to come visit her. Well ....she's doing alittle better... got moved to regular room today.

Please keep her and the family in your thoughts and prayers!

We brought Suzie with us too..... she rode really well being 1st time traveling out of Coshocton! Long trip 11 hours, only stopping 3 times to get gas and /or go potty.
Here's a few cell pics on the way here.

Drew reading...

Tanner and Suzie resting while bright sun shines through window.
My three kids slept 80% of the trip.... Its only 2:00 pm here now and it seems like midnight! Scott and I have been up since 6:00 Wednesday morning!!! Going to crash when head hits pillow tonight!

Tanner singing "Devil went down to Georgia" while listening to his mp3.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Power-washed and Newly Mulched House

We spent the day outside....first Scott loaded up the boys swingset and took it to a friends house (the boys want a small trampoline instead),then we powerwashed the porches and went and got a scoop of mulch and tomato and pepper plants at Cantwell Creek. We did our yard, our neighbor Angie's yard and my moms too!

Here is our right side...where we will plant our tomatoes and peppers again.
The left side along the house and Hostas plants.
Front of porch...the mulch is such a pretty red!
My neighbor Angie's house.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Drew's Field Trip to The Great Circle Earthworks

Drew went to The Great Circle Earthworks, formerly known as Moundbuilders State Memorial, in Heath Ohio.

It was built by the Hopewell culture approximately 2000 years ago. The circle is nearly 1200 feet in diameter and was used as a vast ceremonial center by its builders. At the Museum they got to watch and interactive video explaining the significance of the site and tour the 1,0oo sq ft exhibit that included a timeline of Ohio's ancient cultures and an explaination of why American Indians regard this site as sacred.
The exhibit also details how the earthworks align with the rising and setting on the moon. Following the museum they got to take a tour of the grounds - mounds, get a piece of flint and make a necklace.

Here is the Drew wearing the necklace he made, for me today, out of a shell and colorful beads. He got to drill the hole and everything just like the Indians use to.

I love the things my boys make for me the most!! Its beautiful!

I would like to go there sometime, seems really interesting! No parents werent allowed to go on this trip! :(

This is part of the Circle at the Country Club. I got these two pics off the internet.

another Mound picture

The Boys Grass-heads Update

These are pics of the boys grass-heads.
The first one is 4 days after they brought them home and the 2nd is 1 week after bringing home.

Tanner trimmed his here, so you can see the eyes again!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Blogging Addiction

Beth P. posted this quiz on her blog and I just had to take it's my results!
I know and admit I'm addicted! lol

72%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

To find out your results got to.....

My Great Neice Jayleighn

I finally got to meet my great neice tonight. She was a month old May 7. We have both been so busy.
Jayleighn is the first girl on our side of the family since Mindy (her Aunt) and she's 20.

Lori - Jayleighn's mom is at Riverside hospital, suppose to be having gallbladder surgery tomorrow. They removed gall-stones today.
Please pray things go well and she's home with her babies soon!

Jayleighn Mersadies - she is just the most beautiful lil girl!! I wanted to take her home.
Bentley holding his lil sis. He's so proud to be a big brother too!
Tanner holding Jayleighn.....He loves babies.
Grandpa Kevin (my brother) holding both grandbabies while napping today...aww. He kept them alnight and today. They took Lori by squad at 3:00 this morning.
Great-grandma holding her...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I had a Wonderful Mother's Day!!! The boys made me two beautiful cards and we went to The Eagle's for brunch. The Eagle's also gave all the moms carnations. I got a white one....that was so nice of them. =)
We also took my mom and I to Smokey Bones yesterday for Mother's Day too!

I've got 2 of the best kids in the world!!

I took this close up of us....not to bad for doing it myself eh?

Drew, Tanner with their cards, Suzie and I

Friday, May 8, 2009

2nd Grade Zoo Trip

Scott and I went with Tanner's 2nd grade class today to the Columbus Zoo.
We had a really nice trip and THANK YOU GOD it didn't rain... except a few drops on the way there and when we were waiting to get in!!

I took alot of pics as usual and had a hard time deciding which to post! =)

This is a pic of our Zoo Crews... Mrs. Denise Johnson had 3 kids ( Peyton, Payne and Trevor) and we had 4 (Tanner, Zach, Kaden and David), we all walked around together. Denise rode there with us and Peyton & Tanner rode home with us too.

Tanner by Stingray
Scott, Tanner and I by tree frog at entrance of the Zoo - gotta love my FROGS!
Tanner posing on Orangutan
Tanner with his $14 Penguin... lol why are the gift shops so expensive?
Kaden, Tanner, Zach and David....our 4 Zoo Crew by lizzard statue
Tanner petting some kind of Lizzard.
Tanner said the Male Lion was his favorite animal.
I liked the Monkies the best and the Baby Elephant, but I didn't get a good pic of him through the glass. He was sooo cute!
This Ape kept holding his head......I think he had a headache from all the visitors! Too Funny.... over 64,000 kids today not counting adults they said! WOW

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Boys with grass-heads.

Tanner made his like 2 weeks ago and is growing well. He named his Ichigo, from the Bleach video game.
Drew just made his today and named his Mr. Potatoe Head, because it looks like a potatoe.

I think they are cute! Judie Phillabaum helped the classes make them. She is a wonderful - crafty grandma at Central school, and has grandkids in both the boys grades too.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Rotten Boys

Tanner and his friend Peyton were being silly posing for me on the porch tonight. I call them toothless hillbillies! Both have several teeth missing. :P lol

We go to the Zoo Friday with their class too!

Scott and I before 1st Co-ed game

Scott and I before our 1st game Sunday. We got maroon shirts this year....the last couple yrs they have been gray with maroon writing. We won 15-0 and 21-0