Saturday, October 31, 2009

Apple Pie and Mechanic Work?

Friday night I made my first homemade Apple Pie! :) It turned out really good. Scott's favorite pie is Apple too. He said it was good too.

This morning I went down to work with Scott and he showed me how to change the water pump on our van. I did the water pump. He changed the belt and then changed the oil in his Jeep also.
Man, mechanics work is sure greasy work and hurts your back. I wouldnt want that type work as my job everyday. lol
Poor Scott, Now I know why his back and arms hurt so much from working above his head!
Wish Id of took a pic....but didnt. :(

Thursday, October 29, 2009

3rd Grade Roscoe Village

I went with Tanner's class to Roscoe today. We had a really good day!

Rotten boys after eating lunch.....
tour guide talking about Blacksmith shop
Tanner's star tin he punched out with nail
Tanner punching his tin out

holding nail Blacksmith made
Tanner's candle he dipped
Peyton and Tanner with candles

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Boys feeling better! yeaaaaa

The boys were both temp free yesterday and today! Yipeeeee
The went back to school today also. Tanner missed 2 1/2 days and Drew missed 2.
They had tons of make-up work lastnight too. :(

I guess Central Elementary had 100 kids out sick Tuesday too! WOW, I think they ought to close the school for the rest the week to keep from spreading it any further! :(

Please continue to pray that this terrible disease goes away completley!!!!!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

H1N1 Update

Drew also tested positive or the H1N1 type A influenza today. OMG!
They put him on Tamiflu since he just started with a temp this morning.
He had 100.3 temp tonight too and Tanner started back up too 99.5. Tanner was ok all day til bout 4:00 too.
Poor kids!

I dont feel the greatest myself tonight either and Scott also has a cough.

We will all probably get it! That is some nasty flu stuff!

Boys waiting in dr office on Drew's H1N1 test results.
Drew was so worn out tired....poor guy!

H1N1 Fluenza - Type A

Yesterday afternoon I took Tanner to the ER for his fever and cold. He started the cough Thursday night and the school sent him home Friday at 12, with a 99.1 temp and coughing. He had a high temp of 101.6 over weekend and 100.6 before taking him to the ER.
The ER swabbed his nose for the H1N1 fluenza and it came back A positive, plus he has middle ear infection and sinutitis on top of it. Dr. said Tanner was pretty well over the H1N1 being he had temp for over 48 hours, gave him an antibiotic and cough medicine and sent us home.
Well........he woke up this morning with no fever and feeling alot better! thank god! I'm glad I took him now!

Drew started the same croopy cough lastnight and was up bout all night with it... finally staying up at 6:20 this morning.
He has low temp 98.9, flushed face and runny nose. I made him an appointment for 2:15 today.....sure hope he doesnt have it too.

My chest hurts some and tired the past few days, but no cough yet. Scott has little cough now too! :(

The H1N1 has regular flu symptoms, so keep an eye on your kids!!!
The schools have had several cases of this type A fluenza.

The A type fluenza is the lesser one, guess B type is very serious with quarentine!

Tanner and I sitting in ER......bout everyone had face mask on. We had both been crying when dr said he had H1N1. I was a nerves wreck when he said he had it....not knowing there was serveral different variations of it. Tanner was crying too, saying mommy am I going to die? Poor kid!! :(
my Tan-man laying down, was cold so I went and got him a warmed blanket.
Please pray this terrible disease goes away!!!!!! I love my babies and hope the feel better real soon!!!!!!!

PS........too funny, Drew told Scott that Tanner got the Swine Flu from the pigs at the fair! We had to laugh. lol

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Co-ed Tournaments

The past two Saturdays Scott has played in co-ed tournaments. Last Saturday he played in midvale with Stitch Co. The ended up getting 1st place. :)
Then yesterday we played in Dover and got 2nd place. Maybe could have gotten 1st, but they didnt play championship games because lights didnt come on til 7 and we werent waiting around an hour for that......we had lost to that team once already - 1st game played
and just gave them 1st and we took 2nd.
Both Coshocton teams too!!! Way to go Coshocton teams!!

Here is our 2nd place plaque....kinda different being a base shape.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Drew's football awards party

Drew had his end of year football party yesterday at Coach Shaws house.
They had food, played back yard football, pool and got awards handed out.

He was so proud of his plaque!
His plaque and awards certificate.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Crossing Guard

Drew .....our crossing guard! 5th and 6th graders can sign up for crossing guard at Central. They have three locations 7th n Walnut, 8th n Walnut and 8th where the buses are.

Drew and Tanner Shaw being guards after school.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Fair Fun 2009

Scott took a vacation day today to take the boys to the fair! :) I had to work til 5:00, then went out for a few hours too.

They had a good day riding rides with Aunt Macy (Scott's Sister).

Cliff Hanger

I'd call this ride Superman! lol looks like your flying.

Catchin Air

Super Shot.... A little Demon Drop
Boys on Top Gun
Tanner, Me and Drew on Super Shot.....boy that was a mega RUSH! lol
I love rides though!
Video of us dropping.....weeeehaaaaa

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Drew played at Stewart Field Today!

Drew got to play his last game on the Coshocton Redskins Field.
They lost 7-0, but thought they were big dogs playing out there!! lol :P
They finished the year 3-1.

Drew at right tackle
on sideline waiting on Offense
again #57

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tanner's Flag Football Party

We had an awards pizza party tonight at Your Pizza!

Coach Bo Buckmaster got them all trophies on his own, not through the nice was that? Pretty cool lil trophys too! :)

His trophy
Tanner getting trophy from Coach Bo
Tanner with trophy. Proud as can be :P
Peyton and Tanner with trophies.
My handsome little man with trophy again.
Boys eating supper