Saturday, March 28, 2009

Today's random family pics

Here's some random pictures of all of us. We took this morning before going shopping in Canton. I miss the Zanesville - Old Navy store!! =(

Our 3 kids....

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Poor Toothless Tanner

Tanner lost another tooth tonight. That makes him having 5 teeth missing in all.

His one front one that got knocked out playing baseball is all purple and swelled up..... hopefully ready to break through! It will be 2 yrs this June when he was playing catch with Scott and missed a high fly and it came down between his glove and knocked it out. I was literally freaking out! 1st tooth to lose and it was knocked out before it was ready. =( We went to ER and they did a chest xray, to see if he asperated his tooth, b/c we never did find the tooth, but luckily he didnt. So we dont know if he swollowed it or it fell out in grass and we couldnt find it??
The tooth fairy still came to see him though. He wrote her a note saying what happened too. :P lol

He goes to the dentist for a cleaning the 7th of April and Im going to ask the dentist about it if its not in by then.

Toothless Cutie! lost tooth by cap
purple gum.....ouchy, almost like a baby

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Skating Fun....

Saturday night we went skating in Philly and had a blast! We hadnt been in like 8 yrs, Tanner was still in baby carrier and Drew was like 2 yrs old.
The boys were nervous at first but then kinda got the hang of it. Moreless being their 1st time ever wearing skates. I only fell 2 time, so that was good too! lmao
I use to go every weekend when I was in High School though.
My friend Aimee and her family went too. =)

Family resting at The Skate Place

Tanner waving while skating with Dad.

Love this pic of Drew and Scott!
The boys and I in practice area
Drew practicing
Samie, Terry and Aimee

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Loving my new hair do......wanted something funky fresh for summer! My hair is soooo thick.

front before

back before
back after

front after
cell phone after I restyled it this better

Friday, March 13, 2009

Tanner made the Tribune again Thursday

Eddie Eyeglasses (Bob Miller) from Millrows Characters, educational entertainment for children, visited students at Central Elementary School to talk about eye saftey. Don't run with scissors, don't throw wood chips, rocks or snowballs on the playground, Eddie said. 'If you get glasses you will see better, think better and do better. Teachers like students who wear their glasses because they do their best work". Eddie Eyeglasses said."Remember: we only have one set of eyes. Be safe in the classroom, and on the playground. It is very important to go to the eye doctor. The Lions club will help you if you need it."

Tanner is in white shirt between 2 boys in blue on the far left side.

Paul Rogers from the Lions Cub and Eddie Eyeglasses visited Central Elementary School to talk with students about eye safety. Paul has been a Lions Club member for 50 years. He told the children to never throw away an old pair of eyeglasses. The Lions Club collects them, takes them to OSU to be recycled and sent on to Central America for people who have no way to get eyeglasses. They also support the Pilot Dog Program and have purchased a computer for the blind. If you can't afford eye glasses, contact the Lions Club and they can help. A box will be placed in the school office for donations of old glasses.

Published by MARIANNE AUSTIN/Tribune Correspondent
This is (Kaden) a boy in Tanner class with Paul and Eddie Eyeglasses. He looks alot like Tanner too, but with Drew's body. lol :)

Enjoying her

Suzie had to eat an icecream cone tonight too! Love the shots I got....too funny!

She looks like a Twisted Whisker card with those eyes! hee hee, by the way I love those cards.
gotta get it off my nose now.... how cute!
almost got it...
finally got it!
soooooo yummy!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

My Neice Lori's Baby Shower

Went to my neice Lori's baby shower tonight. She's having a girl this time. 1st girl on our side of the family since (Mindy) her sister and she is almost 2o.

Lori sitting down - 4 weeks to go
Sisterly love....Lori and Mindy
Cupcake cake...cute
Lori playing rice safety pin game
Lori opening gifts little booties
Lori view of belly and sun tat around belly button. :) She's alot smaller with Jayleighn than with her son Bentley.
All belly and can see baby is laying on her right side head down. lol

Spring is in the air......

My Lilac buds
Small beehive in my Lilac tree
Another side shot of beehive
What beautiful past 3 days we've had! In the 70's all 3 days. YIPEE I'm so ready for warm weather. My Lilac trees are budding up getting ready to bloom and my shrubs sprang back up too. Thank God the ice didnt hurt them to much!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Are U Smarter Than A 5TH Grader??

We had another family game night tonight. We played Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? I lost on the 1st question :( lol.....with "What are the total factors of 12"? I said 4 but the answer was 6??

Scott, Tanner and Drew waiting on Scott - dad to ready question.

Our smart boys!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Things that keep me computer busy...

Things that keep me on the computer...... besides family and work.
I'm on Myspace, Cafemom, Blogspot, Ebay and just recently added Facebook.
They are all so addicting!!

Scott says " I dont know how you can sit and mess with that computer so long".He says it hurts his eyes. lol
He has a myspace account too, but doesnt go on there much!
I'm trying to talk him into facebook....seems like alot more people are on there, like from school and stuff.