Saturday, October 29, 2011

How it Works Project - Drew

Drew had to do a report on How it Works, in Tech Class.

He did his on The M1 Abrams Tank.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Due To...

Thought this was cute and soo true!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Girls.....awww

My girls sitting together on the couch.
Daisy thinks Suzie is her mommy. lol Suzie just growls if she gets to lovey. I just tell her she's just a baby! Actually Suzie had just had poodle puppies right before we got her from a rescue place too. How cute is that??
Daisy....she's so darn adorable!!
Daisy again with her Drumstick. Suzie had one too, but already ate hers.

Cute with mouth open

Love this pic of Tanner! pretty eyes

Monday, October 24, 2011

Bath time for Daisy

I gave Miss Daisy a bath this morning.

She looks like a drownded rat.

Sitting in my hand

awww she's cold
curls galore
so fluffy

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Early Christmas Present

Grandma Kathy got the boys this teacup poodle for an early Christmas present! Kathy also got the boy runt of the litter.We named her Daisy! She's so small, black and adorable!!  She wont get very big. Her mom weighs 3 lbs and dad 7.
Lil Miss Daisy

     The boys with dogs

playing with her pink piggy

Awww how sweet

                    Suzie investigating her new sister. lol

How cute!!

Playoff Game @ Stewart Field

Tanner played his last game at Stewart Field yesterday. They won 12-0 against Penn State. Finishing the year 3 n 1. Woo Hoo

Tanner blocking Chase Jackson #27 on Defense.

Team huddle at Coshocton High School - Stewart Field
Tanner blocking on Defense. He didnt play much Defense. Usually Center on Offense.
#66 Tanner Blocking
Tanner all happy after the game.
Team looking a quarterback clothes all clean. Coach telling them how well they covered him.
Tanner and Tremar
Tanner, Macy, Scott and Gpa Harry.
Video's of Tanner at center on Offense.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Flaming Hot...

I cropped these pics in an app on my cellphone.
Tanner down in his Center position.

My Nephew Dalton at Soccer.

Dalton blocking Ian Hartley in the RV v/s Coshocton game.

Derek, Dalton's lil half brother... Isnt he too cute! check out that hair do!

Brook Hill Park Spooktacular Haunted House

A group of 7 of us went in my van, to this Wellsburg, WV haunted farm house.  For the drive it really wasnt that scarey!!
People in the yard were more scary than the house. lol

Our group pic in front of porch... Mike Tidrick and gf Patty Garber, Chilly - Jeremy Sampsel and gf Jessica Espinosa, Chris Barrick and Scott and I.

Michael Myers on roof

pic of electric chair on front porch

Jessica laying in a coffin. They told everyone it was her birthday, but it wasnt. lol

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Roscoe Fall Pics

What a nice day for some family pics! We went to Roscoe React Park and took these pictures.

Nice family picture...

Drew and Tanner by wrought iron fence.
Me by flowers

My handsome boys by lake.
Silly Sisters!!!! lol
Theresa and boys by wrought iron and lake.
Tammie, Drew and Tanner
Luke and Tanner on rock

Luke, Theresa and Dalton

Theresa and her boys. Ohio State!
Dalton 15, Drew 12, Tanner 11, Luke 10
Boys doing O-H-I-O
Dalton and Luke
Me and my boys. LOVE this pic!
What a sharp looking Family!
Scott posing by his bike.
Tanner, Scott and Drew

handsome - ornery boys!
Nice Pic of my sister and boys


Dalton, Theresa and Luke
another nice family pic
My Sister Theresa and I

CHEESY Luke and Dalton
Luke and Dalton
Scott on his CBR 600RR again