Sunday, August 30, 2009

Scott's Company Picnic - Seneca Lake

We had Coshocton Brake picnic Saturday at Seneca Lake again. We had a good time eating, boating and swimming.

Boys in campgrounds by daisies.
Scott, Tanner and I on boat
Tan-man and I cruising on Seneca Lake
Scott and rotten Tanner relaxing on pontoon boat
Scott and boys in water at "Coshocton Beach" in Seneca. Thats where alot of Coshocton people go so they call it that. :)
Drew with squirt gun on Tim's boat. He rode on it on way over and back to dock too. Nate, Patty, Leslie and Steven on boat too.
Scott and Tanner on tube.....Tanner loved it!
close up of Tanner n Scott taking off on tube
Eric tipping Drew upside down for squirting him. lol
Momma duck and 3 babies we past coming in to dock. aawww
Scott driving pontoon back from beach. Tim on the right

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Our Lil Garden

Our garden has been very bounttful this summer!!! :)
I just picked these 2 bowls of tomatoes. The cherry tomatoes are growing wildly, bout a bowl every two days. We have made 3 batches of salsa so far. Yummy!

look thru porch railing
tomatoes growing over the sidewalk starting down hill. the front plant is a green pepper but its hasnt produced any peppers yet. :( can see tomatoes growing behind it toward front steps too.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Drew football full uniform

Drew in full uniform...looking mean here!
Brut boy.....been practicing at right tackle
A few blocking pics...
Drew blocking and Stevens trying to do a swim move on him.
Drew and Jake Fortney doing a sweep (switch move).
Drew and Jake double team block

1st Day School August 25, 2009

My big 3rd and 5th graders 1st day school! Man each year summer seems to go faster. Guess I'm just getting older. lol
My mini flag saysat top... School is Cool! how cute :)
Drew is in 5th grade, he has Mrs. Bowman for homeroom and switches for every subject.
Tanner is in 3rd, has Mrs. Raach for homeroom. We just love her!! Drew had her too. I can't wait to help out with class parties and PTO this year.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

All 4 today.....

I was bored this afternoon and decided to paint Suzie's back paw nails too.
Isnt she adorable!! :)

Everyone always tells me.....glad you had boys, because if you had girls they wouldnt have any hair - from fixing it so much or have fingernails and toes painted all the time!! lol Suzie is the lil girl I never had! But I can only brush her hair. :(

I use to do Amy's and Ella's and other girls I've watched all the time too! :P

I take some pictures right at the perfect time. checkout her tongue in these first two pics. How funny!
Don't hate because Im pretty!!!
Such a pretty beagle with her Harley collar and pink nails!!
All 4 done now....awwww

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Weekend happenings....

Heres our lazy lil girl Suzie Friday.....she cuddled up to one pillow and layed head on other pillow. Shes so spoiled!

snoozin all sprawled out
awww how cute.....just like kids
Scott and I in restaurant
Boys and I in parking we went to mall to get boys school shoes today. :) all ready for school now!! checkout Drew's saying on shirt too. heee

Samie Huffman (friend) passing out popcorn for Shelby Theaters, during the Canal Days parade.
My Aunt Marilyn eating a cry baby candy from parade....lmao check out that face!
Scott's dad Harry, Kathy and Macy across street from the parade.
I also painted Suzie's nails hot pink today too! lol pretty girl :)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Drew football practice

Drew before going to practice.... he has pants too but werent suppose to wear them to practice yet. He is on the Penn State team this year. They have Ohio State, West Virginia, and Michigan too.

This is my fav picture....
Without helmet....bruiser boy!!
Drew doing high knees at practice
Doing butt kicks
Drew adjusting mouth piece and getting pat on shoulder by Stephens.
listening to Coach Vanatta
Set and ready to block

Down and low sweep

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Baylor Beach Camping Weekend

We spent Friday and Saturday nights at Baylor Beach camping!

Scott n boys relaxing at campsite.

The boys n I infront of our tent
Samie, Drew and Tanner by locust shells they were collecting and putting on the tree.

Scott doing what he does best....Grillmaster! Like the new red beer can....looks like a coke can huh? lol
lil blurry from sunrays & cell but family pic at the beach
Terry and Samie in water
Samie, Tanner and Drew by diving boards
Tanner doing "superman" jump off high dive.
Drew getting ready to jump
Me and Tan-man sitting on sheet
Samie and Terry on paddleboat
heading back to campgrounds after day at lakeMy sleepy boys napping after swimming for 6 hrs. They were worn out...slept about 2 hrs.