Saturday, July 18, 2009

Summer Science....Betty Beetle

Drew, Tanner and Dalton did a summer Science project tonight!
They found a huge pitching beetle in our small garden, and decided to keep it, investigate and do a report on it.
They feed it crickets and made it a house out of an old hamster cage.
They spent about 3 hours watching and doing their reports. Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Hahn and Mrs. Raach ( all the other teachers too.... would be proud of them!!! =)

This is Betty the beetle!!

Boys with Betty beetle on leaf, on front steps
Tanner outside when found beetle
Boys writing up reports and Betty the beetle in the old hamster cage.

Dalton taking close look at the beetle so he "can draw with detail"
Tanner coloring in his picture of Betty

Drew doing his report and drawing beetle
Boys with completed reports

I'm so very proud of you guys and all the time you put into your project!!!!

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