Sunday, July 12, 2009

Our Co-ed Cookout Saturday

We had our co-ed softball cookout at Staci and Travis Berry's house Saturday night. We had good eats, played cornhole and could swim if wanted to. The boys were the only ones that swam though.

Staci and Travis Berry

Small Fry and DJ playing cornhole.

Stephanie Fry....we call her small fry
Tony Griffith and Scott playing cornhole.
Staci caught eating a brownie! :P
DJ Bradford and Tony....they are dating
Scott and Wayne Raber (he's so hilarious and fun to pick on... he's a midget and reformed amish) lol
Scott, Tony and DJ
DJ, Scott and Steph.....

Scott and Steph were the cornhole kings!! They won every game but the last one played.

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