Saturday, July 25, 2009

Baylor Beach 2009

Friday was the prettiest weather day of our vacation! We spent the day at Baylor Beach, and had a blast as always. What a nice family place that has lots of fun things to do!! :)

Isnt the sky pretty in these pictures of the lake?

This is the deeper end of the lake with diving board, big slide and bigger logroll. The boys loved the slide too.
This is the middle of the lake with smaller logroll, sprinkler, and slides.
This is the shallow side of the lake with frog kid slide, spray guns, whale, turtle,3 kid race slide, dump buckets and layout dock. I just love the purple frog slide!!
Scott and Tanner putt putting Drew by gorilla near last putt putt hole. The concession & entrance to park in background.
Tanner, friend Peyton and Drew on dinosaur along lake.
Drew by whale that sprays.
Boys under dump buckets... took pic right as water was falling on Tanner and Peyton. how cool is that? lol
Scott and I standing in lake
We bad we know it!!!! lol boys posing by another dinosaur.
And yet another dinosaur.....they loved them!

My purple frog with Peyton and Tanner . :P
A cute lil real frog Drew found at the waters edge.
Scott and Drew on aqua bike....campground is in the background too.
Me, Peyton and Tanner on paddle boat. They have kayaks too and these are in another lake next to swimming park.

What a fun day we all had!!!!! :)

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