Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My home's interior after rearranging - upgrading

Not to much going on this week! Sticking around here.... after making 3 trips to Georgia in 2 monthes, we decided to stay around Coshocton and surrounding counties.

We've spent literally the past 3 whole days rearranging furniture and redecorating the house. :)

Almost feels like a new home! lol long over due. Looks great!

My huge kitchen... table area

view to living room

view through kitchen from livingroom...checkout all the cupboard space!

new tv and aquarium wall

view across living-room to upstairs
wagon with frog at bottom of stairs
computer - game - fireplace room

our old entertainment center is now in computer game room

desk, tv and game chair
landing top stairs ...wall between bathroom n master bedroom
counter in bathroom
view across bathroom...and no my bathroom isnt hot pink, like it looks, but mauve instead. lol and I know Scotts bulldog clock doesnt match, but will do til get another one.
view through door

Middle bedroom - boys room
dresser and Jeff Gordon theme throughout
full bed and bunkbeds

small bedroom or baby room I call it (made nice nursery)

Boys use this room as Wii room and boardgame - toy room
Our master- bedroom

view out to hallway
our dressers and window

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