Thursday, May 21, 2009

We made it to Georgia!

We made a last minute decision to come to Georgia to see Scott's Grandma Betty ( shes 84) . She was in ICU not doing very well, so with the long weekend we took the boys out of school Thursday and Friday to come visit her. Well ....she's doing alittle better... got moved to regular room today.

Please keep her and the family in your thoughts and prayers!

We brought Suzie with us too..... she rode really well being 1st time traveling out of Coshocton! Long trip 11 hours, only stopping 3 times to get gas and /or go potty.
Here's a few cell pics on the way here.

Drew reading...

Tanner and Suzie resting while bright sun shines through window.
My three kids slept 80% of the trip.... Its only 2:00 pm here now and it seems like midnight! Scott and I have been up since 6:00 Wednesday morning!!! Going to crash when head hits pillow tonight!

Tanner singing "Devil went down to Georgia" while listening to his mp3.

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