Thursday, May 14, 2009

Drew's Field Trip to The Great Circle Earthworks

Drew went to The Great Circle Earthworks, formerly known as Moundbuilders State Memorial, in Heath Ohio.

It was built by the Hopewell culture approximately 2000 years ago. The circle is nearly 1200 feet in diameter and was used as a vast ceremonial center by its builders. At the Museum they got to watch and interactive video explaining the significance of the site and tour the 1,0oo sq ft exhibit that included a timeline of Ohio's ancient cultures and an explaination of why American Indians regard this site as sacred.
The exhibit also details how the earthworks align with the rising and setting on the moon. Following the museum they got to take a tour of the grounds - mounds, get a piece of flint and make a necklace.

Here is the Drew wearing the necklace he made, for me today, out of a shell and colorful beads. He got to drill the hole and everything just like the Indians use to.

I love the things my boys make for me the most!! Its beautiful!

I would like to go there sometime, seems really interesting! No parents werent allowed to go on this trip! :(

This is part of the Circle at the Country Club. I got these two pics off the internet.

another Mound picture

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