Friday, May 8, 2009

2nd Grade Zoo Trip

Scott and I went with Tanner's 2nd grade class today to the Columbus Zoo.
We had a really nice trip and THANK YOU GOD it didn't rain... except a few drops on the way there and when we were waiting to get in!!

I took alot of pics as usual and had a hard time deciding which to post! =)

This is a pic of our Zoo Crews... Mrs. Denise Johnson had 3 kids ( Peyton, Payne and Trevor) and we had 4 (Tanner, Zach, Kaden and David), we all walked around together. Denise rode there with us and Peyton & Tanner rode home with us too.

Tanner by Stingray
Scott, Tanner and I by tree frog at entrance of the Zoo - gotta love my FROGS!
Tanner posing on Orangutan
Tanner with his $14 Penguin... lol why are the gift shops so expensive?
Kaden, Tanner, Zach and David....our 4 Zoo Crew by lizzard statue
Tanner petting some kind of Lizzard.
Tanner said the Male Lion was his favorite animal.
I liked the Monkies the best and the Baby Elephant, but I didn't get a good pic of him through the glass. He was sooo cute!
This Ape kept holding his head......I think he had a headache from all the visitors! Too Funny.... over 64,000 kids today not counting adults they said! WOW