Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More Georgia Pics...

We had a short stay 3 days, for traveling 11 hours one way. Left 11:30 Wednesday night and getting there at 10:30 Thurs morning. Then left Sunday morning at 4:30 getting home at 3:30. uugh getting old I guess! lol the trip seems longer every year!!

Tanner's Flippen Road sign......Every year we have to go by here. lol he thinks its just too funny! Saying hit "The Flippen Road Dad"

My 3 kids on way home.....awww
Scott and Suzie in Grandma's sun room
Cool looking peach ontop the AirTran sign in downtown Atlanta.
Suzie resting ontop a pillow on my lap. My lil girl, she did wonderful traveling!
Grandma Betty sleeping @ hospital.....Friday she had to lay flat because her back hurt so bad! ( we think from laying in bed for 3 wks and had a UTI also) She was feeling alot better Saturday, was sitting up feeding herself and not in any pain.
Scott and Tanner at The Mellow Mushroom....real good pizza place

Drew and I at The Mellow Mushroom.... we all got drenched running in, it was raining so hard. :( Two rotten looking boys eh?

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