Thursday, December 11, 2008


I love collecting ornaments! Here are some of my favorite...

I also have 2 brass ornaments of baby boys laying on a cloud, engraved with the boys names and they have 3 little circles below that have their birthdate, time and weight on them.
I couldn't get a clear picture of them. =(

This 1st one is a bell I made in Kindergarten. Its made out of half an old pantyhose egg shell with scraps of cloth. =)

The next two are ornaments I ordered. One is a birthstone - name angel. We all 4 have one. Look at Drewbug in his Taz sailor hat.
Look at Tanner's chubby cheeks here....awwww

I love anything my boys make too, especially with their pictures on it or any kind of personalization.

Tanner made this train in preschool at Rainbow, how adorable!
Oh and lets not forget the boys Star Wars guys - Chubacca and Yoda. I kinda favor Yoda myself. lol (maybe because he's green like a frog.)

The next two I also ordered when Drew was born. Santa's hat says Baby's 1st Christmas and the stork bag says Drew Eric 1999.
Drew's suit on and 1st Christmas. =)
The boys first Christmas together picture and our John Deere ornament. Drew use to really be into John Deere when he was around 3 yrs old. Grandma Sandy got this for him.
My #1 BABY SITTER ornament Ella got me in 2006. How sweet =)
Oh and last but of course not least "My Jeff Gordon Ornaments" GO #24!!

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