Saturday, December 20, 2008


We drove around after supper tonight looking at all the Christmas lights and displays!
Some people really get creative and go all out! And I thought our porch was pretty. =)

This is Jim Cognion's house on cr 271 out by the Ethenol Plant.
He has alot of blow up displays, along with a cute santa on a farm tractor. His big side work garage was even lite up too. He is the guy that delivers our gravel for the driveway. He has a small hauling business on the side, as he is retired. Big display on the back of a house on Hay Avenue here in town
This is a Gingerbread house, which Tanner called it, on Hay Avenue too. This picture doesnt really do it justice, it is so beautiful!
Huge 3 house light display on cr24 - I think this one is the biggest around here??

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