Sunday, October 12, 2008


Poor Scott....Thursday the night I came home from the hospital, we were just sitting down to eat supper when Scott saw water dripping aboved the kitchen sink - down the shelves.
He looked further and here we had busted a main cold water line upstairs beneath the bathroom sink. Of course almost 7 o'clock at night and noone open to get parts. So we had to shut the water off to the house til Friday morning when Ace opened up at 8:00. He ran down to Tractor Supply and his work to see if they had anything that would temp work, but no luck!
My bathroom was torn clean apart and a few kitchen tiles ruined. I didnt get any pics of the bathroom, but here is the biggest tile above my stove.
Hoping we can primer and paint them to match?? The last time we had to buy all new ones. This house has old plumbing and we are gradually getting them replaced one by one! Wish we could just do them all and get it over with. lol
Thank God I was home from the hospital or they probably would have been visiting me and came home to a much BIGGER mess. =( I just felt helpless because I couldnt do anything to help him!

On a lighter note....Im feeling alittle better everyday. My stomach is still sore some though. I get my staples out tomorrow afternoon. I think that will feel so much better, they are tender especially the one where my leg hooks on to my body - right side.

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