Saturday, October 18, 2008


I needed to get out of this house!!! 10 days not going anywhere but to get my staples out Monday ... I was about to go NUTS!
My mom stopped by and we all decided to go get some lunch and then went for about a 3 hour drive, just looking at the beautiful fall scenery. We also went to Gospel Hill Lighthouse, but they were closed so we didnt get to go up inside it and look out.

I just love Fall.....with all the beautiful colors!

Grape Vinyard across from Gospel Hill

We loved looking at the farms and tractors!

Lake Park and Walmart view from Roscoe Hill

Grandma Rose and the boys by lighthouse.
Our lovely family

The boys and I

Scott and the boys

Gospel Hill Lighhouse
Smiley face and USA mowed in grass at CR 55.


Christy, Doug Ella, & Lucy Baylor said...

i like the pictures! so pretty! i didnt know there was a lighthouse. that is cool!

Beth's Blog said...

I LOVE pumpkin rolls!!! I have never tried to make them.....everyone says that they are hard.:(

Beth's Blog said...

I didn't know that there was a lighthouse either!