Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tanner dentist and EIP meeting

Just a few updates on Tanner - nanner.....

Last Tuesday he went to the dentist and he had lost 2 more teeth the week before, well the dr said he was fine - did more xrays and the big front tooth is now finally breaking through the skin after 2 yrs, along with the one next to it. They also removed his spacer on the bottom and side he'd be getting his 8 yr molars in soon.
Poor kid cant hardly chew anything with only like 7 teeth at top now!

This morning I also had Tanner's annual EIP ( Early Initative Program?? ) for his speech class he goes to once week for 1/2 hour.
He is progressing very well and still only needs to work on his ire, air ar and r blends next year.
He has gotten past - mastered the sh, ch, ck, and l's. I think that is all of them.
I think the teeth messing hasnt helped any either?? lol

Great job Bub!!! Mrs Wright is an awesome speech teacher too! :)

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