Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter weekend fun!

We colored eggs Saturday night, but I forgot to take pics this year during the coloring process =(.
The Easter bunny found the boys lastnight too =), and we went to my sister Theresa's for dinner today.

Mom got the boys a NOISY egg candy toy too. Thanks Mom! lol Why do grandparents always buy loud things??

Hopefull non of us get sick or the pinkeye thats going around.......Luke has had a sore throat and sick all weekend! I made the boys stay away from him.

Boys with their colored eggs

Boys with stuffed dog and Ohio State #1 hand items my Uncle John got them.
Tanner with his Easter bucket...they got redskin tshirts too.

Drew with his Easter bucket

Tanner with noisy egg toy

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Beth's Blog said...

HAPPY EASTER!!! (late, I know) I hope you & your family had a wonderful Easter. :)