Thursday, April 2, 2009

Back to Walking and Working Out!

This Tuesday I started back walking my 4 miles a day and went to workout tonight too.
I walked 4 miles this morning, then walked prob another 3 miles tonight going to workout and back at Colonial Sport and Courts.
My chins hurt something terrible tonight too! lol
My 1st night back to workout and we did jump rope. nice.... not! It hurt my knee so I had to stop.
I figured I'd better start walking again and going to workout since I have only went once this year. Then I fell down the steps messing my knee up. I have a tredmill but dont like using it - would prefer to walk outdoors!
I lost like 3o lbs in 6 monthes last year, but took about 6 monthes off due to surgery, the weather and my knee. Well.... one thing good is I've only gained like 4 lbs back, so Im doing fairly well. =) considering I've been eating everything insight too. lol

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