Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sickness and New Job Update

I've been sick since Tuesday night......darn sinuses! I think everyone is getting it or have had it. =( I've been through a box kleenex a day and now my ear hurts. Hope I dont have to go to the dr.

As for my new job its going good! Even though I think thats where I got sick from. Only working 2 days a week - delivering on Mondays and working inside on Tuesdays. Its colder than blue blazes in the back of the store - no heat!!
Oh its at NAPA (Coshocton Automotive), guess I never did say where!! lol

I worked there 11 years ago for 7 years. Started out doing deliveries, then went to counter and the last 2 years was outside sales.
Thats where Scott and I met too! LMAO... I say "I must of had the right parts!" =)
I still remember alot of the account numbers also. Seems like a year ago instead of 11 years and 2 kids later.
Some of the same people are at the shops and were glad to see me back. They said parts are in your blood huh?? Plus I'm alot faster at deliveries than good ole Tom.
I enjoy getting away from the house, yet still get 3 days to do things with the boys at school and still weekends off too.

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