Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day.....

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone....

We went out lastnight for supper and also got the boys new Heeley's skate shoes (they've been wanting forever!!) Hope they dont get hurt now learning how to use them.

Then this morning Scott and the boys still gave me my froggie, candy and cards. How sweet... My boys are the best!
We also got Tim Horton doughnuts for breakfast too. lol

Love my frog and the chocolate candy even has daisies on it too..... they sure know me well! ;) Thanks and Love ya Lots!
Here is Drew's new Heelys....I like the blue on his and they even fit me, look out... this summer Mom is going to wheeling around too. lmao Here is Tanner's new Heelys.

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