Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Vacation night @ Clippers VS Braves Game

Monday night we went to the Columbus Clippers VS Gwinette Braves Baseball Game!

This is Krash the parrot on the visitors dugout... right infront of our seats.
don't know why few are sideways??

It was $1 each night for hotdogs, popcorn, small pop and icecream sandwiches.  Drew eating hotdog n Tanner popcorn.
Boys by statue with their broken bat and ball they got from the Braves!
LOL... Hotdog Boys!  Mustard one the race during inning change again. They have 3 hotdogs - people that race ... ketchup, mustard and relish. This win made Mustard 19, Ketchup has 9 and Relish 8 so far for the season.                                               

Here is a close-up of the bat Ed Lucas broke during warm up practice. Then he tossed the handle up on the dugout and then got the big part and rolled it up too :) I walked down to get it.   Glad we got their early so noone was infront of us yet!
Ed is on the left. He was a cutie too! ;)
#12 Ed during The Pledge of Allegance.
Krash back.... dont know why its side ways??
Tanner with broken bat and ball.
Clippers bases loaded, 2 outs... noone scored! :(
See how good of seats we had! right above 3rd base.
view of home base from our seats
Clippers caught mid swing... zoomed in
Clippers lost 5-1 but we had a really fun family night!
Scott was a Braves fan anyway!! lol

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