Friday, May 13, 2011

Zoo and Flint Ridge School Trips

What awesome weather we've had for the boys end of school fieldtrips!!

Tanner's 4th grade class went to Flint Ridge today.
A real Indian dress that was found in Ohio.
Indian lady that told us about Flint Ridge
Tanner throwing a spear made out of flint.
Tanner making a hole in his shell with a homemade drill
His shell necklace and beads he picked out to go with shell.
Our sand art pictures and Tanner's necklace, he chose red n blue beads.
Scott and I went with Drew's 6th grade class Thursday to the Zoo.
Zoo Crew... Drew, Brandon E, Brandon R, Noah, Bryce, Thomas and Johnny.
Our Zoo Crew... Drew, Brandon E, Brandon R, Thomas, Johnny, Bryce and Noah not in this picture.
Drew inside reptile area
I love this close-up pic
Mommy monkey tickling her baby...awwww so cute!
Drew and his two best friends Brandon E and Brandon R.
Drew and Scott by waterfall.
Drew and I inside by dragon.
Another awesome close-up. Looks like this stingray is smiling!
Chimp climbing
Stingray, Turtle and Fish in the aquarium. Lines are where they were cleaning the glass on the inside of the aquarium.

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