Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Fish Are Finally in Pond!!

Finally our finished pond!!

closer view so u can see the frog spitter, 1 lily pad and fountain.
Yesterday, after Tanner's Soccer game, we put the fish back outside in the new pond.
 They all made it thru the winter in the basement! YEA :)
This pond is deeper and bigger, so we should be able to leave them in this winter without them freezing and dying??
 See the big Koi on the left! We have 2 big Koi's.
 View from porch, I want to get some real tadpoles and frogs for it too. I already have alot of statues sitting around it and in my landscaping.
outer edge from porch
 My new frog flags! Soo AWESOME!
So colorful....Loving my frogs!
My sculpted frog mini flag in corner by building.

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