Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snow Snow & More Snow!

The snow started Friday around 1:00, and went alnight long. we got atleast 10-12 inches.

back porch rail Saturday morning.
front sidewalk .....boy that was a heavy wet snow. I did front steps and some sidewalk, while Scott went to work and did their lot. He spent about 6 hr between Friday and Saturday plowing their lot off with riding tractor.
My back is killing me today too! :(

Scott shoveling driveway
van half cleared off
Tanner starting his snowman
Suzie clothes-lined Tanner. She loves the snow and it makes her hyper! lol
Scott covering Suzie, boy she got wound up then. :)
Scott and Tanner packing more snow
Tanner got branches for arms
Tanner with finished Mr. Coshocton Snowy

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