Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sled Riding

We went sled riding at Sacred Heart this afternoon. We had a blast!
Drew and Tanner went down together on tube and plowed me over, I was trying to stop them from going onto the road. Poor Drew went to the road and flipped over scraping his knee. It was hilarious! Wish we would have videod it. Could have sent into AMV and won some money!!! lmao

Tanner face-bombed... lol
Scott watching Tanner ramp
Drew, Scott getting ready to ramp and Tanner taking tube back to top.
Scott dredging the hill again
Scott on tube...
This is a picture of the Georgia snow. Shawn ( Scott's brother) got 3 inches and they were shutting down everything.
Tanner sleding down our driveway.

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