Monday, June 8, 2009

When Will It Ever End???

Ok.....Ive had enough. Please dear God make it stop!!

My sister Theresa has had awful migrains since last Tuesday. She went to the
E R Friday, after almost passing out at work. They did blood work and cat all came back normal. Sent her home with migrain medicine (which causes headache, chills light headedness, major nausea, drops her blood pressure and didnt stop headaches either) She layed on couch all weekend, couldnt move it hurt so much. She went to dr today at 3:15 and he sent her for a spinal tap at 5, to rule out mininjitis.
She said that hurt really bad, but it stop the migrains so far. She has to wait on lab results from the fluid.
She was sent home to lay flat tonight, with pain medicine and a different migrain pill, with less side effects!

Scotts gma Betty is home with hospice and doing fairly well....loves being home!!

My Neice is still in hospital after having to go back to Columbus for another surgery, put stint in a bowel duct come unclamped after her gallbladder removal... leaking bowel inside her causing major pain.

She has to go to surgery tomorrow to drain a goose egg size mass on her liver. Thinking it formed from the bowel leakage. Her liver test came back its on the outside only.
Thank god for that!!

My brother Rusty also just got busted Friday night for like his 8th dui!
He took a friends truck, that was sleeping on his couch) and wrecked it.
He just got out of 4 mths rehab for dui on bicycle in November.
He will never learn!!
Prob get 5 yrs pen now. Atleast we will know where he is and he wont be drinking! lol

My poor mom is on her last nerve!!!!! me too... lol Calgon take me away - forever!

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Beth's Blog said...

oh Tammie, I am so sorry for everything going on right now. You and your family is in my thoughts & prayers.