Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bad Last Month....

What a bad past month or so we've had!!

Scott's gma has been in the hospital since May 4th. In and out of CCU and on B-pap machine and kidney dialysis, well she was sent home tonight with hospice care. The dr's moreless said there wasn't anymore they could do for her with her age 86 and having a pacemaker. So sad! Atleast she is home and more comfortable. Guess she said when she go in house "Im Home" and just smiled! She also said "if I'm going to dye.... I want to do it at home, not in the hospital"
Poor lady.

Then, my Neice Lori had gall stones removed and then week later gallbladder removed. Had been having problems while she was pregnant and they was saying it was anxiety?? Not!
Well Sunday she went back to hospital really sick and major pain! Come to find out after scan that she had bowel leakage. So they shipped her to Columbus today for more surgery, then brought her back to Coshocton Hospital tonight.
What a run around!!!! When Coshocton did the first surgery the begin with.

Here's Tanner with Jayleighn (Lori's baby), I watched her overnight and today.
She is such a sweet baby!

Tanner loves babies and is so good with them! He'll be a great dad one day! :)
Jealous Suzie, Tanner and Jay
Thanks for all the prayers and please continue them!!!

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