Friday, March 13, 2009

Tanner made the Tribune again Thursday

Eddie Eyeglasses (Bob Miller) from Millrows Characters, educational entertainment for children, visited students at Central Elementary School to talk about eye saftey. Don't run with scissors, don't throw wood chips, rocks or snowballs on the playground, Eddie said. 'If you get glasses you will see better, think better and do better. Teachers like students who wear their glasses because they do their best work". Eddie Eyeglasses said."Remember: we only have one set of eyes. Be safe in the classroom, and on the playground. It is very important to go to the eye doctor. The Lions club will help you if you need it."

Tanner is in white shirt between 2 boys in blue on the far left side.

Paul Rogers from the Lions Cub and Eddie Eyeglasses visited Central Elementary School to talk with students about eye safety. Paul has been a Lions Club member for 50 years. He told the children to never throw away an old pair of eyeglasses. The Lions Club collects them, takes them to OSU to be recycled and sent on to Central America for people who have no way to get eyeglasses. They also support the Pilot Dog Program and have purchased a computer for the blind. If you can't afford eye glasses, contact the Lions Club and they can help. A box will be placed in the school office for donations of old glasses.

Published by MARIANNE AUSTIN/Tribune Correspondent
This is (Kaden) a boy in Tanner class with Paul and Eddie Eyeglasses. He looks alot like Tanner too, but with Drew's body. lol :)

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