Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Poor Toothless Tanner

Tanner lost another tooth tonight. That makes him having 5 teeth missing in all.

His one front one that got knocked out playing baseball is all purple and swelled up..... hopefully ready to break through! It will be 2 yrs this June when he was playing catch with Scott and missed a high fly and it came down between his glove and knocked it out. I was literally freaking out! 1st tooth to lose and it was knocked out before it was ready. =( We went to ER and they did a chest xray, to see if he asperated his tooth, b/c we never did find the tooth, but luckily he didnt. So we dont know if he swollowed it or it fell out in grass and we couldnt find it??
The tooth fairy still came to see him though. He wrote her a note saying what happened too. :P lol

He goes to the dentist for a cleaning the 7th of April and Im going to ask the dentist about it if its not in by then.

Toothless Cutie! lost tooth by cap
purple gum.....ouchy, almost like a baby

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