Friday, August 22, 2008


What a week!!! Glad its Friday.....
The boys started back to school Wednesday and they love it so far. I started back babysitting everyday from 8-4 for both Ella 3yrs and Lucy 3mths. Its different and challenging watching a newborn again. Ella will be going to preschool from 9-11:30 Mon - Thurs starting next Monday too. She'll ride the bus from here to school and home also.

I had to go for a sonogram Tuesday afternoon.
Well.... I have cyst back on both ovaries again. STINKS! Tired of being in pain all the time!! Being females really sucks sometimes!!!!
Dr. said he could remove the cyst, but they would more than likely come back because they seem to every 6-9 monthes and have for years. I said while your doing surgery cant you just take my ovaries too? He said that he could but that I'd have to take a HRT (hormone replacement therapy) til I'm around 50. I said Id rather take a pill everyday than be in pain all the time. Plus I'm 37 and should start menopause soon anyway. =)
I will also need to be cut this time too. So longer recovery time!!
I had a partial hysterectomy 3 yrs ago for a huge uterus. He said the size of a 6 mth pregnant women. But he wouldnt take my ovaries then because of my age and taking hormones, even though he removed cyst during the surgery then also. ??
He wanted me to think about it and talk it over with Scott, for a's and con's, and I go back Sept. 16th for my decision and appointment.
Sometimes I think they just want more surgeries and money. lol =(
I've felt really crappy all week and havent exercised any because it makes me feel worse. I walked around the block lastnight and I felt like I was in labor afterwards. I hope I dont gain my weight back!!
Im 99% sure I'm going through with the surgery.
Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers !!! I'll keep you updated too.

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