Saturday, August 2, 2008


We had the Coshocton Brake company cookout today at Seneca Lake.
Scott took the chicken rack and cooked 40 lbs of chicken leg quarters. We also had sweet corn, baked beans, macaroni salad, chips and cake.
Some played cornhole and most of us went on the boats to "Coshocton Beach", anchored and got out and played in the water. It was a really fun day!!!

Chef Scott with the finished chicken. YUMMY!

The Coshocton Brake crew removing the chicken. Scott, Tim, Harry and Jeff

Chow time!!!! Everyone walking to the shelter.

Jim Baylor (Scott's boss) an all buttery mess eating corn. =)

Macy (Scott's sister) Drew & Tanner by the lake.

Tanner and Drew swimming.

Our Family in the lake.

The Mercer family - Leslie, Patty, Riley, Tim and Krista

The Wimer family....minus Eric? Heather, Paul, Kaylynn, Steven and Andrew

Heather and Paul on the way back to dock.

Jim.... good pic and he's not eating here either. lol

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