Thursday, July 3, 2008


Tuesday the boys spent the day with Scott's gma Betty (she's up from Georgia for a few weeks) and Donna.

They were picked up around 9:30, went shopping at Walmart....Drew got a new bike. Tanner got a Bullseye ball game, Bakugan launcher and a figurine with a card. They both got the game Uno Spin and a big pack squirt guns to share.

They then went back to Donna's and played games until lunch time, then they went to McDonalds of course!! lol getting something to eat and a Mcflurry with M&M'S. =)

Went back to Donna's and played somemore....til Scott and I picked them up around 4:30.

They had a really GOOD TIME, even though it seemed very odd not having them here all day!

Drew's new bike

Tanner's Bakugan launcher

Drew with the Uno Spin Board

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