Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tanner made 9-11 Ceremony online Tribune

Tanner is a Tribune Photogenic Kid!
This was the 2nd time for 9-11 also.
He passed out Ribbon Magnets at the Court Square 9-11 Ceremony yesterday, from his 5th grade Central Elementary class.

Here he is giving  Sgt. First Class Dustin Anderson one.
Actually Dustin is Tammy Dovenbarger's son, which Tammy is married to Doug... Scott's Uncle. 
Tanner didn't know that either and have never met him before.
Scott's stepmom Kathy told me tonight when I sent her this pic.
While passing out ribbons this Retired Veteran, Bob Jones said "young gentleman could you please tie my shoe for me... I have a steel plate in my leg and can't bend to do it" Tanner said sure. The Veteran then told him his generosity was much appreciated!! :)

I'm so proud of him!! I have two wonderful sons!!!!
  This is a piece of The World Trade Center. Our City Fire Department filled out a paper to receive a piece and picked it up in April.
The 2nd guy from the right is my Uncle Jerry Green. He is a retired Army Sgt. He does all the parades and Military Funerals and Ceremonies.
Again 2nd guy from right during the ceremony.

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