Sunday, August 21, 2011


Tanner and I rode The Top Thrill Dragster! WOW and OMG... what a rush! 120 mph in less than 4 sec.

He was glad he rode it, after the initial shock of taking off that fast! lol
Check out his face on take off.  u can't see mine because of jerk in fronts arms up. Which we were told not to do!! Then he's smiling on 2nd landing pic!
stats on the ride
Sideways pics again??
see the dragster half way up ? It's a blue one. Same one we rode. They had 5 cars running. green, red, black, maroon n blue.
 Tanner n I also rode the Millenium Force. Along with The Raptor, Iron Dragon and rides Scott n Drew rode.
  Scaredy Cats!! They only rode the Mine ride - that ride beats you to death, Old cars & Horses.
Drew also rode the Swings n Iron Dragon.

Drew got this huge snowcone while Tanner n I were inline for the rides. yummo
Giddy up at The Kentucky Downs!
Scott was ahead of me.
Awww Snoopy! they didnt want pic here. too old... lol
Boys on huge swings.

This is at a park near our motel. Cedar Point is in the background, across Lake.
Isn't this a pretty park?
The boys n Scott walking along path. There was a boat marina there too.
Scott n I at park
Momma n the boys by fountain

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Beth's Blog said...

wow, I can't believe you rode that!!!!
looks like you guys had fun!