Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bad Napa Day!!

WOW... what a bad wreck! Corey Saylor was driving East on 16 from Ross Trucking and went to turn right on tr 288, to deliver to Reisser Farm when a flat bed semi, hauling steel, struck him from behind. The semi-driver said he didnt see his turnsignal?? But the guy following the semi said that he (semi-driver) never even hit his brakes!! So we dont know what he was doing. sleeping, talking on cell, texting??

Corey luckily only got a lil road rash burn on his right forearm from the seatbelt when the seat broke throwing him back. 
From the look of this wreck and van it could have been ALOT worse. Thank god he was ok.... prob have some whiplash in few days!!
driverside got the blunt of the hit!!
side of van
He broke the seat when got hit and couldnt open driver door.
pic from 16 ... how far he went in yard across from Balo Logging
all the totes full of parts flew out the back door throughout the yard
skid marks
passenger side of van
smashed sign and skid marks in grass
Prince's wrecker wenching van out of muddy grass, then had to haul in on flat bed wrecker.
Here's Corey by Napa truck full of debri from totes that I picked up out of grass while he was doing his report. Parts were everywhere, out of boxes and even down by creek. omg!
I'd say Corey had an angel looking over him today!!!!

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