Saturday, March 19, 2011

Chef Tanner hits front page of Tribune again!!!

Tanner's 4th grade English Class - Mrs. Teti had a Apple Jacquette Bake Off! 
They have been reading stories and trying things that are in the stories. They have tried Molasses water and Buffalo jerky. They just read The Blue Moose - Apple Jacquette, and couldn't find a recipe for it. So Mrs. Teti decided to have a Bake-off Contest to make Jacquette. 
A Bakery in PA by the name Jacquette Bakery is going to make the winning entry and sell it in their store. How cool is that!!

Here is Tanner presenting the judges with his entry Caramel Apple Jacquette!  Mr. Casey, Mrs. Schlegel and Mrs. Wolfgang were the judges.
This is a pic like was on front page of The Tribune.
Mrs. Teti and all 9 students that entered The Bake-off
The top three winners. In no random order. They never said who was first, second and third.
Dylan Wallace, Tanner and Adrianne Grewell.
Read the article in todays tribune and go online to view all 50 pictures taken @

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