Monday, February 21, 2011

Suzie is Sick?? and Taxes!

Suzie started a real deep choking cough lastnight about 8:00 and it last around 2 hours straight, then a few times during the night. poor girl!
I called the vet this morning and couldnt get her in til 4:30 tonight.
They tested her blood for heart worms and it came back negative. I still got her 6 monthes supply of preventative pills.
Dr Reddick thinks she irratated her trachea somehow. She put her on 3 pills. 1 for antibiotic, 1 cough and 1 inflammation.
She didn't start coughing til after she was outside barking at an amish buggy with horse at Given Dawson lastnight. So maybe she stripped her vocal passage then?? Dang... $132 and a hour later, we were heading home.

I think we ought to be able to claim atleast 1 pet as a dependant on our taxes!!!! They are loved and treated just like a kid and cost more at doctor too!

What do you all think????

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